LOOK services as Owner’s Consultant:

Look will provide the owner of the property during the construction and pre-opening period with the following technical assistance:

  • Owning company  requirements till the opening date.
  • Pre-opening budget with revisions as needed.
  • Reviewing of the plans & lists of required kitchen, satellite kitchen(s) and laundry equipment with the purveyors.
  • Manpower guide and pre-opening recruitment plan.
  • Study of all plans of the project and to provide experienced input concerning:
    • Guest rooms: configurations, furniture, electricity, amenities, bathroom facility and fixtures.
    • Main building: space allocation for offices, stores, kitchen(s), outlets, laundry and other services.
    • Complete review of project facilities.
    • Lists of FF&E for the entire project.
  • Lists of all minor operating equipment and utensils.
  • PMS system requirements by reviewing all specs of the electro- mechanical equipment with the consultants to insure adequacy.
  • Pre-opening plan with target dates based on the construction plan.
  • Hotel marketing plan.
  • Pre-opening marketing material i.e. Brochure, flyer, web site, etc…
  • Soft opening to grand opening plan.
  • A one-year operating budget forecast.
  • To help with vendors recommendations and to review their offers during the construction and pre-opening period to insure highest    quality & best prices for all & FF&E.
  • To coordinate with all project consultants concerning the specs of all aspects of the project till the handover to operations through regular    meetings and follow up.
  • Handover and Receiving of the entire property components from construction Engineers & Vendors to the owner & Management

Company with proper reports and remarks to insure high level of execution

and to prepare the opening assets inventory adequately.

Consulting and oversight service

Our team of business development and consulting experts specializes in:

  1. Hotel Pre-Opening Planning
  2. Hotel Management Supervision & Coaching
  3. Operations & Quality Control
  4. Cost Control
  5. Financial Management
  6. Revenue Management
  7. Sales Representation
  8. Hotel Distribution
  9. Hotel Internet Marketing

With our proven techniques, we turn around independent hotels into true revenue and profit generators. We will ensure your hospitality real estate investment and assets generate a more than healthy ROI. LOOK HOTELS will advise you on the market, the operations and the financial management of the hotel in an effort to help improving both cash flow and value and achieve your goals.


How we operate and manage?

You will have the benefit of a full service contract interests at heart and our contract promise represents with LOOK HOTELS, which will cover every aspect of operational services.

Not only will you have peace of mind in the knowledge that your prop erty is being managed optimally towards increased profitability, but you will also be relieved of the responsibility for having to carry out the often-difficult tasks of:

  • Recruiting the hotel manager and other key staff.
  • Carrying out financial management, legal and accounting
  • Managing human resources.
  • Providing technical support our management team has extensive experience in managing hotels at the highest level. We have our years of experience in satisfying clients like yourself. The contract embodies the

principles of dedicated service and commitment and is a solid way of optimizing your investment return and capital growth.

A viable business plan to help your business thrive You will receive a comprehensive and highly effective business plan, based on our wealth of experience. We prepare such a plan for each hotel we manage, and it incorporates details such as the hotel’s market environment, capital improvement needs and operating history. You will also receive activity calendars for planning and future monitoring. These support the marketing plan and help ensure the budget targets are met.

We differentiate 2 phases within Hotel Asset Management:

  • Pre-Opening
  • Post-Opening

Pre-Opening Phase:

1 . Recruitment and qualification of hotel manager.

  1. Vender selection and negotiation.
  2. Development of SOP and SOO protocols.
  3. Recruitment and Training of the hotel staff.
  4. Development of Financial reporting structure.

Post-Opening Phase:

  1. Coaching and steering of hotel manager in operations.
  2. Monitoring of on-site team performance and service quality
  3. Identifying opportunities to maximize cash flow while maintaining or improving the market position.
  4. Seek to improve the physical attributes of the hotel.
  5. Monitor maintenance of the asset to ensure it remains in tip-top shape. 

The following elements are part of our Hotel Asset Management Services:

  1. Concise reporting
  2. Benchmarking and best practices
  3. Operational performance reviews
  4. Review of staff capability, qualifications, and performance
  5. Quality property inspections
  6. Training planning
  7. Strategic planning
  8. Sales & Marketing Plan monitoring and advisory
  9. Expense control monitoring
  10. Facilities recommendations
  11. Capital Expenditure planning and monitoring
  12. Operations budgeting

We will integrate your team with ours and ensure they exceed expectations

You need to have no concerns about integration as we have a proven track record of successfully blending together hotel teams and increasing profitability. We will work with your current team to ensure that service delivery at your hotel will exceed guest expectations. We know that this leads to profitable referrals and repeat business.

Your staff will also benefit significantly from our Customer Service Improvement Program, which ensures that every team member grasps fundamental service standards that will lead to the delivery of exceptional hospitality. Experience has shown that such an attitude leads to a boost in your bottom line.

Property visits to ensure on-going excellence

As part of our service, your property will benefit from regular visits from our team – both scheduled and unscheduled – for inspections, consultations, management, marketing and the like. We also deploy ‘mystery guests’ who visit and stay in hotels anonymously to report on service and ensure quality standards are met.

Management Contracts

Fees are divided into three fundamental areas.

  • The Base Management Fee is intended to cover our costs for providing basic services. This is usually a percentage of total revenues, or a minimum monthly amount, whichever is greater. The percentage ranges from 2% to 4%. There is also an initial implementation fee to Set up the systems for your hotel.
  • The Incentive Management Fee ties our profitability to the results of our efforts. Once your financial goals for the hotel are understood and achievable results are agreed upon, we agree upon a fee which relates to these goals. The fee is usually related to gross operating profit and the percentage ranges between 8% and 15%.
  • The Monthly Marketing Fee covers the extensive marketing activities which LOOK HOTELS undertakes on behalf of your hotel and is based on 1.5% of turnover

Look hotels best practices can be applied in any kind of hotel;

City Hotels

Boutique Hotels

Design Hotels

Luxury Hotels


Budget Hotels

Youth Hostels

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