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Look Hotels Technology advantages

Technology plays an important role in managing hotels. It is involved in all aspects of a successful hotels
such as online sales & distribution, guest communication and gust services, guest contact management
systems, guest reviews, guest entertainment, Property management systems PMS, Point of sale systems
POS, financial accounting systems, inventory systems, cost control systems, online booking systems for
hotel websites, guest mobile applications and guest entertainment systems.
Look hotels implements the latest technologies for managing our hotels in order to provide all our
managed hotels a technology advantage over any other hotel management company which has a great
impact on increasing our hotels sales from all the channels, enhancing guest services and guest
communication, reduce cost and have a full control on hotel operations.
Look hotels offers software systems, implementation, training, consultation in all fields of technology
such as.
– Property management systems PMS.
– Point of Sale systems.
– Channel Manager for contracting a wide range of online sales channels.
– Online booking engines.
– Website development & web application development.
– Customer relation management CRM and Customer retargeting systems.
– Financial accounting systems, cost control systems and back office systems.
– Guest entertainment systems such as guest movies.
We ensure while implementing the latest technology for our hotels, the data security, data efficiency
and accessibility from anywhere in the world and efficiency by optimizing the cost of the technology and
maximizing the return on investment.

Look Hotels Training programs

Continuous consultation and training is a key success in any hotel operation. Look hotels provides a
variety of specialized training programs for the hospitality industry. Look hotels training programs are
focusing on adopting the latest management techniques in all aspects of hotel operations has a direct
impact on increasing sales, improving guest services and reducing costs. Our training programs covers a
variety of hotel areas such as, revenue management, sales & marketing and guest services.

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